roamin' catholic: karin rosner

Root and Thorn

Posted on: September 6, 2010

(Isa. 53: 1-5)

We didn’t see “Messiah”,songs crying Hosanna ceased
The glorious son of David
Is now the Lord’s cursed and his least
How could a man, so broken
So bloodied, crowned with thorns
Be our royal savior
When he’s so shamed, so scorned?

God’s anointed, blessed conqueror, liberator from tyranny
From centuries of injustice
This death is no victory
He’s hung upon the Skull Place
His breathing’s shallow, thin
Spat upon, hated; a mockery of prophecy’s face
His life bled out from within

We saw him rise among us
, sprout up from green shoot youth
Bloom glorious, heal, do magic!
And all our hopes took root
Here he is! Our promised chosen one!
God’s freeing us at last!
But the truth, ‘neath faded, dying blossom
Life will never last.

So how will your Father save you NOW, Joshua?
Crucified with thieves and filth?
God’s abandoned you! Final destruction dealt!
And yet, the world grows silent
The skies grow dark, no rain
A rumble, screams from The Temple
The curtain torn? What does this mean?

-Karin Rosner

(Copyright 2010)

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