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Posted on: March 7, 2011

Jesus Christ is Risen is finally live on Facebook at this link and I’ve also created a private group for the page. The group exists specifically to as invitation for people to make new friends and pray for each other during the period between now and Easter. It’s a “small group”  experience for Lent as this page grows, and you can be a part of it. You can find the group at this link.

One of the reasons I’ve started JCIR is that I’ve been praying for breakthrough: I see the need for “resurrection” so clearly in my own life, in the lives of my friends, and in so many people’s lives whom I’ve met on Facebook. We feel personally, professionally, physically and even spiritually stuck. We’re longing for God to do something, to make something happen that unsticks us, knocks us loose.  We want Jesus the healer to touch us and our circumstances, to clean out the wounds and hurts and heal us,  clear up the messes we find ourselves in, and to bring everything that we desire and dream about to new life.

Back up a second. This is not the point of Easter, most of my friends would point out.

No, I agree that this is not. Easter is not really about changing our particular broken lives and our material messes. The Resurrection points to praise, honor and glorification of God, the God who loved us so much that He became one of us and brought us into a new, restored relationship with Himself.  The miracle of The Resurrection proclaims Jesus Christ as the Son of God, Messiah, Immanuel,  God-With-Us. Jesus was tortured and died on the day before the Passover, and became sin for us as the Gospels and Epistles tell us, accepting all of the punishment and wrath we deserved. In His Resurrection, Jesus  triumphs over human death and human sin, restoring our relationship with God the Father, broken at the beginning of time.

There’s lots of complicated theology to unpack here; lots of short-hand statements of faith, many passages from the Bible to re-explore.

One of things that we believe as Christians is that out of this story,  we are all called into Christ’s baptism, His death and resurrection. We’re called to bring others into this life of dying again and being raised up.

We still experience pain, illness, suffering, and death. We are saved, and always being saved. In our daily lives, we still carry the after affects of the brokenness even though we believe in the promise that we are saved and are redeemed and justified. We see the side effects of the sickness of sin. From muddled relationships to struggling with dryness of faith… and even doubt,  our lives after  Resurrection, Ascension and Pentecost are still… stuck.

We’re called to bring everyone into the living, loving family of Christ. We believe that our prayers matter and make a difference, and that every prayer we offer is God’s way of letting us share in his love and goodness, powered by the Holy Spirit living within us.  We pray for our brothers and sisters  in all circumstances, waiting for Christ to come again and really make all things new.

Prayer happens anywhere and everywhere, including pn Facebook. We pray for God to unstick us, to roll away the stone from our whitewashed, cold tombs to reveal a miracle, the HS defeating our mortal stickiness, making us unstuck and truly free.

So, from now until Easter, JCIR will be posting scriptures from the readings many churches use for Lent, looking towards Christ’s passion and death, spending time where the scriptures lead us.  I would love to see reactions posted and discussions happen in the comments.  When I gain more team members, I would love to open up the discussion boards to allow even deeper conversations to take place.

What will happen with the prayer group (if you’d like to join), is that we can go even deeper. Because this space is shielded from outside eyes, we can pray a little more personally for each other. You can share music and images in the group,  and share what’s on your hearts. I hope real friendships begin here and I pray that God uses this place on the Internet to unstick us, and then bond us to Himself even more closely. When Lent is over and Easter is here, we can go right on praying with a new group name!

Thanks for being a part of this experience with me and God bless you. – Karin


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