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Changes to My Facebook Lifestyle

Posted on: September 18, 2011

Dear Facebook Universe:

I just had to do it. I took advantage of Facebook’s new settings. Beginning in Summer 2010, I suddenly got a hundreds of friend requests based on I’m not quite sure exactly what, and my online network connections shot up… but were they meaningful connections? I started taking a very careful look at my Facebook Friend Lists and pared down my connections to more manageable lists and more meaningful conversations.  Then, Facebook made some significant changes and what I believe are solid corrections to the “Friend” philosophy. Starting last Wednesday, when Facebook began rolling out the new changes, I’ve embraced what they’ve done.

If anyone is interested: here are some estimated numbers on the carnage:

  • I had 490 friends in total (down from a high of 600 in April 2011).
  • I dropped approximately 40 people down to subscriber mode over this past weekend (Sept 17-18, 2011) because I’ve never heard from them again after I accepted their friend request.
  • I’ve made good use of the “restricted”  and the “acquaintance” lists. These are great ideas.
  • I have an online-only connection with about 160 of you, and that includes  some key work relationships!
  • There are 290 people whom I personally know, or have at least shared some in-person conversations with over food and drinks.
  • There are some online-only friendships that are incredibly special to me, and I can’t wait until the day where I can meet some of you. I’m simply going to continue to ignore game announcements. 😉

I encourage subscriptions! They are turned on. If I like a page, I will subscribe back and from there we’ll see if friendship develops.

So, how are you reacting to the re-definition of “Facebook Friend”? Do you like the changes and are embracing them? Do the changes make you sad and are you still “friending and running” willy-nilly?  Comments are open!

– Karin


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