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May I see your I.D.?

Posted on: January 20, 2012

Two years ago, I misplaced my New York State Identification card. I’ve never been too concerned because it is _somewhere_ in my apartment, probably in a box of legal paperwork that I need to go through but have not had the time.

I’ve been in denial about replacing the stupid thing until last week. “It’s here somewhere! It will turn up!” My mantra failed me.

I have to attend a government vendors work thingy, and I won’t be let into the federal building without a current photo identification card. I haven’t had the time to stand in line at the DMV all day to get a new card, but I learned that _finally_ New York State has set up a way to order duplicates online! What would’ve taken hours in person took a couple of minutes on the PC, my debit card number plus ten days processing and delivery time. I can keep my old photo! I really liked my photo on my old I.D. My hair was long and sleek. Anyway, my duplicate card arrived in the mail yesterday and I am now able to live like a normal adult American citizen:

– Buy a bottle of wine anywhere.

– Take a plane or a long distance train

– Sign in and go upstairs to most offices in New York City with tight security.

– Do stuff.

I am now super-motivated to clean my apartment and organize my crap.

I need to renew my passport, next. I wonder where I put that old one.


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