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Posted on: November 4, 2013



It’s been 14 months since my last bit of real time-off.

I’ve been through a blizzard, a hurricane, a fire, an office move…

I have barely written anything creative, and haven’t finished any of the poems  whose opening lines and draft stanzas I’ve managed to jot down.

My dirty laundry is piled sky high.

I haven’t had a meaningful conversation on the phone or in person with many of my best friends unless they have physically led me into their light, warmth and   quiet, and sat me down across the diner booth to enjoy their company. (Thank you, my dear ones!)

Occasionally, I feel that God wants to grab me by the hand and do the same thing… when prayer becomes rote, rushed, dry… bah.

I’ve been asked to organize social things, church things, things in general, and I feel that I can’t even organize my way out of a paper bag.

It’s time to quiet down for a week.

Pray while washing dishes and sorting darks, whites and brights.

Pray while sitting with a hardback print Bible open to Scripture not explored for a while.

Write a little.

Rest a lot.

Tune out a lot of electronic distractions.

Have some fun.

Enjoy the smiles of my dear friends.

Be still.

Be present.

Organize the inner and outer KayKay.

Clear out some clutter.

Make room for more quiet, peace, life.



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Wishing you a blissful, quiet, relaxing, rewarding and inspiring week for your StayKay(Kay).

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